Message from the President

Thursday, July 14th, 2016

sheshghaleMessage from the President

The 9th NRNA Regional Conference theme is “NRNA Vision 2020 & Beyond”. By concentrating on this theme we will enhance and strengthen the role of NRNA and that of the Nepali Diaspora. The overarching goal of the Nepali Diaspora is building alliances and this will be strengthened in the next few days, as also the networks between the stakeholders globally will be enhanced aiding NRNA’s development and global branding.

As we all know, the New Nepali Constitution 2072 being promulgated; has the provision of NRN Citizenship. This is a testimony of the Government’s keen interest in promoting active participation of the Diaspora in the development efforts of Nepal. Hence, the government must focus on delivering to and empowering Nepalis abroad so that they can make a greater and more effective contribution to socio-economic development of Nepal.

I hope that this conference will be able to ignite renewed sense of optimism and goodwill among us and contribute in embracing and harnessing of these sentiments to ensure that they translate into further involvement of the Nepali Diaspora in the country’s development process. The conference reopens dialogue on critical issues and will initiate deliberations to ensure enhanced engagement amongst the Nepali Diaspora, which will include the second generation.

In conclusion, our initiatives must be real, sustainable and aimed at ensuring that Nepalis abroad continue to do an excellent job at home and all over the globe. Most importantly, the Government welcomes every opportunity to engage with the Nepali Diaspora and much is expected from us.

In life, some moments are recorded as point of reference and I hope that this Conference will be one such moment for you and will be a resounding success. I congratulate the organizers for hosting such an important event and wish every success to the 9th NRNA Regional Conference.


Shesh Ghale,
International Coordination Council, Non-Resident Nepali Association. Date: 7th July, 2016.

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