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Saturday, July 23rd, 2016



 Regional Conference is one of the regular official international events of NRNA- International Coordination Council (ICC), which is organized in every alternate year in different global regions outside Nepal. NRNA has been organizing regional conferences in the years alternating with the year of the global conference. The regional conference is built in as part of the global NRN movement in the NRNA constitution.

NRNA Constitution defines, “ICC can organize the Regional Conferences in different parts of the world every two years; but not in the year in which the Global Conference takes place, in order to understand better the situation and reality of the Non-Resident Nepali residing in different regions of the World as well as to promote and preserve their interests and rights”.


Since year 2005, altogether 8 regional conferences had been organized in different parts of the world in different intervals.

SN Conference Date Venue
1 1st NRNA Regional Conference 21-23 January 2004 Doha, Qatar
2 2nd NRNA Regional Conference 3-4 June, 2006 Bonn, Germany
3 3rd NRNA Regional Conference 24-25 May, 2008 Bangkok, Thailand
4 4th NRNA Regional Conference 28 -30 May, 2010 Houston, Texas-USA
5 5th NRNA Regional Conference 14 -16 January, 2011 Dubai, UAE
6 6th NRNA Regional Conference 23-25 July, 2011 Moscow, Russia
7 7th NRNA Regional Conference 30 August–1 September, 2012 Sydney, Australia
8 8th NRNA Regional Conference 18-19 September, 2014 Tateshina, Japan


Regional Conference addresses the issues of NRNs residing in Specific region. The conference will be based on the specific theme developed, considering the current need of the NRNs and the Nation. Such conference provides opportunity to NRNs and concerned authority of Nepal government and representatives of local government of particular region to come together and discuss the issues and challenges faced by Nepalese and find resolutions. The conference is a platform to promote Nepal, its culture, tradition and tourism in the international level.


 The regional conference generally focuses on the specific theme and discussions revolve around the same topic. Moreover the conference also raises the common and general agendas of NRNs and NRNA:

  • Provide a forum for the NRNs to present and discuss the specific issues and challenges faced by them
  • Channeling Skill, Knowledge, Innovation and Technology (SKIT) of NRNs to Nepal
  • Collective Investment
  • Suggest concrete policy and action measures to the Government of Nepal and other stakeholders;
  • Roles of NRNs in development and transformation of Nepal and explore best ways to utilize potential of NRNs to Nepal
  • Strong and Better Networking among the Nepali Diaspora
  • Promote Nepal and Nepalese interests; tourism; culture; traditions and value abroad;
  • Foreign Employment and Safe Migration
  • Role of NRN youth and women in the Diaspora and NRN Movement
  • Philanthropy and Humanitarian Assistance to Nepal
  • Discuss an action plan to make NRNA sustainable;


The conference comprises of series of sessions:

  • Registration of Delegations
  • Welcome program for delegates
  • Inauguration Session
  • Dialogue with Government and Public Representatives of the Region
  • Dialogue with Heads of Nepal Government and NRNs
  • Thematic Workshop
  • Interaction with Nepalese and International Community
  • Closing Ceremony
  • Announcement of the Declaration
  • International Coordination Council Meeting
  • Cultural Nights
  • Excursion and Sight Seeing


►        ICC and NCC members from across the globe

►        Individual NRNs and their family and friends can also participate in the conference.

►        Special Guests from Nepal Government and Government of Host Country

►        Friends of Nepal –”Participants from foreign countries” and Nepalis, both of who are interested in working with the NRN community for promoting NRNA’s mission and objectives.

►       Media person from Nepal and International


The regional conference is executed in the leadership of Conveyer /Coordinator designated by NRNA ICC. The Conference Coordinator should be affiliated with the region or NCCs of the particular region. The Conference Coordinator then forms different sub committees to allocate roles and duties to members of ICC and NCCs. The Conference Coordinator takes major decision of the conference in consultation with the ICC and NCC of host Country.


The conference is organized in self-sustaining method. The organizing committee raises funds for the conference through sponsorships, contributions, registration of the delegates. The participation is based on registration. The registration fee for the international and local participants will be decided by the organizing committee. Registration will include a conference kit, lunch and dinners but will not cover lodging and transportation.

The savings/surplus of the conference will be utilized for the particular purpose determined by NRNA ICC in consultation with the host NCC.


First Regional Confernece


Date:    21 -22 January, 2003


Country : Doha, Qatar


Theme : For Nepali By Nepali



§  Investment Promotion

§  Foreign Employment & Labor Issues

§  Cultural Show

§  4th NRNA ICC Meeting


Participants: 250 from 12 Countries


Outcome : 5 Pointed Doha Declaration; Souvenir –Book


Second Regional Confernece

Date:     2-4 June, 2006


Country : Bonn, Germany


Theme : For Nepali By Nepali



§  Legal Issues of NRNs

§  Economic Issues related to NRNs

§  Road Ahead for NRNs

§  Investment

§  NCC Presentations

§  Review of Kathmandu Declartion 2005

§  ICC Meeting


Participants: 170 from 20 Countries


Outcome : 10 Pointed Declaration; Souvenir- Book Third Regional Confernece


Date: 24- 25 May, 2008


Country : Bangkok, Thailand


Theme : Talking the Foreign

Employment of Nepal to the Higher Pane



§  Foreign Employment

§  Empowering the Non-Resident Nepali Community

§  Challenges for New Nepal

§  NCC Report Presentation

§  ICC Meeting

§  Cultural Night


Participants: 138 from 16 Countries


Outcome : 11 Pointed Bangkok Declaration


  Fourth Regional Conference

Date: 28 – 30 May, 2010

Country : Houston,Texas


Theme : Channeling Knowledge and Investments for Nepal’s Rapid Development



§  Skill, Knowledge, Innovation Exchange

§  NRN Charity Projects

§  Earthquake Disaster Preparedness for Nepal

§  Promotion of Nepal Tourism

§  Nepali Poetry Recital

§  Collective Investments

§  Dual Citizenship

§  Reports by Regional Coordinators

§  Women, Skie and Nrn-KIDS

§  Honoring The Heroes

§  Cultural Programs

§  Sight Seeing

Participants: 350 from 20 Countries


Outcome : 14 Pointed Houston Declaration; Souvenir – Book Fifth Regional Confernece


Date: January 14-16, 2011


Country : Dubai, UAE


Theme Collective Investment & Safe Migration



§  Collective Investments

§  Safe Migration/Foreign Employment

§  Reports by Regional Coordinators

§  Honoring The Heroes

§  ICC Meeting

§  Cultural Programs

§  Sight Seeing


Participants: 350 from 21 Countries


Outcome : 12 Pointed Dubai Declaration; Conference Bulletin, Souvenir-Book


  Sixth Regional Confernece


Date: July 23-25, 2011


Country : Moscow, Russia


Theme : Strengthening NRN Network – Promoting Nepal



§  Collective Investments

§  Safe Migration/Foreign Employment

§  Reports by Regional Coordinators

§  Honoring The Heroes

§  ICC Meeting

§  Cultural Programs

§  Sight Seeing


Participants: 300 from 25 Countries


Outcome : 9 Pointed Moscow Declaration; Souvenir-Book Seventh Regional Confernece

Date: August 30 -1 Sept 2012


Country : Sydney, Australia


Theme : Investment and Innovation for prosperous Nepal



§  Investment (Collective and Mutual)

§  Innovation (Knowledge Investment)

§  Open University Nepal

§  CNC

§  Foreign Employment

§  Role of Women & Youth NRN

§  Charity & Social Welfare Fund

§  Nepal Promotion Abroad & Nepal Festival

§  NRNA Constitution

§  ICC Meeting

§  Cultural Programs

Participants: 500 from 18 Countries


Outcome : 15 Pointed Moscow Declaration; Souvenir-Book

  Eighth Regional Conference


Date: August 30 -1 Sept 2012


Country : Tateshina,   Japan


Theme : Economic Roadmap for Prosperous Nepal



§  Common economic agendas

§  Collective Investment Increase idea execution abilities and enhance management and execution competencies of NRNs

§  Policy reforms and commitments from stakeholders for Nepal transformation

§  Dual taxation, free trade, and BIPPA

§  ICC Meeting

§  Cultural Programs

Participants: 500 from 18 Countries


Outcome : 15 Pointed Tateshina Declaration


Date: 27- 28, 2016

Country: New Jersey, USA

Hosts: NCC USA, NCC Canada & NCC Chile

Venue: Double Tree by Hilton Hotel, 128 Frontage Rd, Newark, NJ 07114

Theme : NRNA Vision 2020 & Beyond


  • NRNA new Vision, New Goals and New Strategies
  • Collective Investment
  • Reconstruction of Nepal
  • NRNA Building
  • Philanthropy and Humanitarian Projects
  • Transfer of Skill , Knowledge, Innovation and Technology to Nepal
  • Tourism Promotion

Tentative Program:

  • Welcome of the delegates
  • Inauguration
  • Internal Session (Based on theme)
  • Cultural program
  • Sports
  • ICC Meeting
  • Sight Seeing


The participation is strictly based on registration. The registration fee per participant is USD 200. The registration fee does not include Accommodation and local transportation costs. The registered participant is entitled for a conference kit which includes: Kitbag, Writing Pad, Pen, Gift, Souvenir –Book and lunch /dinner coupons for conference days.

Finance and Sponsorship:

The conference creates good environment for the companies and individuals who are searching for platform to market their services and products among the Nepali community. Interested companies and individuals can sponsor the event and grab the opportunity to publicize and promote their products/services during the event. The conference offers different level of sponsorship depending on your interest and cost.

SN Level Amount (USD)
1. Event Partner (Dinner Sponsor) 10,000

2.Platinum Partner7,500

3.Gold Partner5,000

4.Silver Partner3,000



Organizing Committee:

The organizing Committee under the leadership of NRNA Regional Coordinator – Americas Mr. Sonam Lama has been formed. As per the need different sub committees have been formed. The committee can be downloaded from the website: https://nrnnccusa.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/RC-committees-web.pdf

For more information and assistance :

Dr. Badri K.C.

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Tel:+7  926 522 71 48


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